Available Productions

In case you want to tailor-made a COMPOTA experience suited just for you, please take a look at our menu below.

The basic Recipe is dance, music and image and you can add ingredients at will (all the other arts).

You can also check out the available productions:

Compota Raíz (Root)
view more at:

Compota de Verdade (For Real)
view more at:

Compota de Mim (Of Me)
view more at:

Compota Silêncio (Silence)
view more at:

Compota Coração (Heart)
view more at:

Compota Délicatesse
view more at: www.compota.pt/portfolio/compota-delicatesse-2017-2/

view more at: www.compota.pt/portfolio/compota-comvida/

Compota Um Ponto Três
view more at: www.compota.pt/portfolio/compota-umpontotres-2020/

Um + Um = Um (One + One = One)
view more at: http://dh8.180.mywebsitetransfer.com/portfolio/compota-umpontotres-2020/

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