Compota “UM+UM=UM” / December 6th at Avenida Café-Concerto, in Aveiro

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UM+UM=UM” (“one+one=one”) show inspired by Portuguese artist José de Almada Negreiros its presented in Aveiro integrating young dancers from Company 2.0 in partnership with DCTR – cultural association.

UM+UM=UM” is a Compota creation resulting from the collaborative work developed by professionals from different areas. 
In Aveiro the project involves performing improvisation and structured composition workshops (Dance) on December 5 at Dancenter – Academy of Dance and ends with a joint public presentation on “Avenida Café-Concerto” December 6 at 6:30pm.

The performance “UM+UM=UM” is in a state of transition, in a perpetual movement between the end and the possibility of a new beginning. In this series, almost mathematical, the bodies are able to open up to the world through movement, music or voice and image. They are unique bodies seeking unity, in a constant process of overcoming.
“UM+UM=UM” is a geometric poem, a metaphor for speed, an overflow of color. It is a gap between the human being and his own transcendence.

December 6th | Sunday at 6:30pm

Ticket: 6€
Reservations at
Ticket payment is made on the same day on site.



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