Compota “Um+Um=Um” (One+One=One)

“UM+UM=UM” results from the work developed at the 14th creation residence (September 2020) at the Biblioteca de Marvila in Lisbon, Portugal. It involves a multidisciplinary team with the participation of professional artists and students from Higher School of Dance, Higher School of Music (Lisbon – Portugal) and students from basic dance course of Luís António Verney School.

“UM+UM=UM” is in a state of transition, in a perpetual movement between the end and the possibility of a new beginning. In this series, almost mathematical, the bodies are able to open up to the world through movement, music or voice and image. They are unique bodies seeking unity, in a constant process of overcoming. “UM+UM=UM” is a geometric poem, a metaphor for speed, an overflow of color. It is a gap between the human being and his own transcendence.

Location 1: Biblioteca de Marvila | Lisbon, PT
Location 2: O’Culto da Ajuda | Lisbon, PT
Location 3: Avenida-Café concerto | Aveiro, PT
Dates: 7 to 13 & 25, 26 september 2020 + 27 june 2021

The show can be adapted to unconventional spaces. It can be presented with the creation and premiere cast (25 pax) or with a smaller team (9 pax) that will work with students in the localities for a joint presentation. It presupposes Workshops (dance/theater/music), Rehearsals and public Performance.

Show type: Live multidisciplinary performance
Age rating: All
Length: 1 hour
Staff: 25 persons in total (performers, technical team and artistic director)
Photography: António Busca
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