Creativity, Collaboration and Interaction.

Live composition sessions gathering experienced creators and performers: dance, music, video, photography, theater, visual arts, live cooking, singing, literature, set design and props, costumes and styling, light and sound design, contemporary circus and other surprises.

Based on improvisation, the Compota performances are the fusion of several art forms where every participant holds the space for collective and multidisciplinary creation in real time. Different artistic constellations are combined for different spaces and each presentation is followed by an informal exchange of ideas between artists and the audience.

The Compota concept is open and can be adapted to:

– the arts involved (à la carte Menu: basic recipe + additional ingredients);
– the number of performers;
– the space (site specific): indoors or outdoors;
– the intended duration: a Compota performance usually takes one hour duration but may be smaller or larger depending on the desired production setting;
– the objectives and the target audience;
– the pretended light, sound and video design. They are completed after setting the space and time for performance, according to each environment, chosen theme, materials to be used and/or technical rider available.

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