Compota Goes to School

Workshop to the development of communication and social skills, dedicated to children, young students and teachers.


This creative workshop offers children and young students direct contact with artistic expression for the progress of their individual and relational skills, actively benefiting their autonomy and personal, creative, social and communication development. Gives young people a close interaction with art professionals and proposes the acquisition of knowledge and new competences. Artists, students and teachers are actively involved in the whole creativity process, culminating in the exhibition/collective interpretation of the work for the remaining school community and families.

The creative workshop “Compota Goes to School” is developed by an appropriate team specifically organised for each educational reality and adaptable in:

– The number of participants and age groups;
– The duration according to the desired outcomes;
– The artistic and technical disciplines considered most relevant by the interested parties;
– The conditions in each school/community/space;

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