Compota Silence
at Silence Festival
_ July 2015

dance + music + video + text & singing + scenography & objects + painting

Location 1: Carlos Paredes Auditorium | Lisbon, PT
Location 2: Teatro da Trindade| Lisbon, PT
Location 3: Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações – Festival Silêncio15 |Lisbon, PT
Dates: 29th, 30th and 31st May + 3rd July + 5th July
Show type: Live multidisciplinary performance
Age rating: All
Duration: 1 hour
Staff: Total of 15 people (artists, technical team and art director)
Photography: Alípio Padilha and Rita Antunes

Does silence really exist or is it simply the interval between two breaths, the space between two bodies, the void that fills everything?
The performance premiered on May 29, 2015 at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium in Lisbon as a result of the collaborative work developed by the multidisciplinary team searching for paths towards silence.


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