Location 1: Biblioteca de Marvila | Lisbon, PT
Location 2: Palácio do Sobralinho | Vila Franca de Xira, PT

Date: 11th to 16th February + 27th April 2019

COURAGE mixes dance with music, text, video and philosophy. It results from the work developed by the multidisciplinary team, from the fantastic universe and messages of “Adventures of Fearless John” by Portuguese author José Gomes Ferreira. Compota CORAGEM (Courage) premiered at Marvila Library, Lisbon in February 15, 2019 and was also presented at Sobralinho Palace in April 27.

Show type: Live multidisciplinary performance
Age rating: all
Duration: 1 hour
Team: Total of 22 people (artists, technical director and art director)
Photography: © Rita Antunes + Rui Morais e Castro


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